Travel With Mobility Scooter – Freedom Beyond Disabilities

Are you or your beloved one having problem to stand or walk for long time, and thinking to travel with mobility scooter? You have taken the right decision! You or your beloved one can travel anywhere with yourIt's great freedom for old or physically disable people to travel with mobility scooter mobility scooter. Yes, not only the local shop, but literally it is anywhere in the world.

When people get aged and cannot stand or walk long anymore, they often get depressed by a common thought, “I have lost my biggest freedom.” I have seen my own grandmother and my friends grandmother under such situation. Mobility scooter is a great solve for this problem. In this tiny write up it is not possible to express their excitements, when they got the freedom to travel with mobility scooters. This wonderful tool offers a great refreshment and relaxation to the aged or physically disabled people who are suffering from standing or walking problem.

However, if you are not familiar with mobility scooter, and still interested, this article may be helpful to you.

How Mobility Scooters Help?

Mobility scooters are modern version of wheel chair which are mostly powered by battery. We can see 3-4 seater bigger version of mobility scooters in rail station or airports mainly to serve for older or disabledIt's great freedom for old or physically disable people to travel with mobility scooter. people. This is a great travel accessory for older or physically restricted people who cannot walk long or suffering with standing problem. If, a person who traveled a lot in the past, and become disabled for some unfortunate reason, his/her passion for travel may not be over (even though he/she is unable). Mobility scooters offer great freedom for them to move not only to the local shops and parks, but also to the international destinations. Nowadays many companies are lunching compact mobility scooters maintaining all criteria to be allowed to carry in airplane, so that disabled people can enjoy their vacation anywhere they want.

  • Mobile scooters offer travel freedom to older people who cannot walk long.
  • It is very useful to the physically disabled (lower portion) people who need to travel for work.
  • This is useful for the fatty people who are suffering from some illness (Not recommended for healthy people without any illness; They are recommended to do exercise).
  • Modern mobility scooters with compact design offer long distance vacation to the old and disable people, as compact scooters with certain criteria are allowed to carry in airplane.
  • Old and disable people feel refreshed and relaxed when they travel with mobile scooters. The depression for disability disappears when they ride this.

Select the Perfect Mobility Scooter as Per Requirements

You have to decide first the purpose of use of the mobility scooter. May be your looking for indoor, heavy-duty or abroad vacation, you need buy a proper one that suits your needs.

  • Indoor and local outdoor purpose: You should prefer relatively lightweight scooters for indoor purpose. This may be foldable or not, but need to be useful for local visits.
  • Long run heavy-duty purpose: If you have to run a lot daily even over rough roads, then you should check out for heavy-duty full size mobility scooter. These are much more durable and faster than light ones. They have good battery life but drainage will depend on the given weight.
  • Vacation purpose: If you are looking to buy a mobility scooter for you next vacation, you need to be much careful. If it is a road trip then fine, but to travel with mobility scooter in airplane you have to maintain certain other criteria and rules. Please see the section below for the details.
  • Three or four wheelers: Three wheeler scooters are easier to handle, while four wheelers are much more stable. You should finalize your choice accordingly.
  • Must check body weight vs scooter weight ratio: If you do not follow the proper difference between the body weight of the rider and scooter weight, there may be harmful effects like break down, heavy battery drainage etc. It is better to buy a scooter which is 50-55 lbs (20-25 kg) heavier than the rider.

Rules to Travel with Mobility Scooter on Airplane

Mobility scooter has been classified as medical device by the FDA, and there is no restriction to travel with mobility scooter in airplane, rather it is totally FREE to carry (no extra luggage charge required); but still you have to follow certain criteria.

  • Battery: Government of many countries including USA, allows mobility scooters containing less hazardous lead non-spillable batteries (no water content, glass mats hold the lead inside) into the airplane, but there are restrictions for lithium batteries. If your scooter contains lithium batteries larger than 300 Watt Hours, it is better to replace them with non-spillable lead batteries for safety.
  • Model: There are many lightweight and compact mobility scooters in market. It is better select a lightweight and foldable mobility scooter for travel by airplane or vacation.
  • Need to inform when reserving: During reservation, you must have to inform to the airlines’ authority that, you’ll be traveling with mobility scooter. You may need to provide the details about batteries and model number.
  • Keep doctor’s note: You should keep doctor’s note which prescribes to use mobility device, it may require when you will check in to the airport.
  • After check in: Your mobility scooter will be taken by the airlines’ workers along with your luggage (if they don’t, then you must ask what to do), and further they will guide you to the airplane by airport mobile devices or wheelchairs. After your journey they’ll transport back your mobility scooter to you.

*You must take a photo of your mobility scooter before boarding, so that you can claim if there will be any damages.

License and Insurance for Mobility Scooter

It's great freedom for old or physically disable people to travel with mobility scooter.You don’t need any license to ride a mobile scooter, but registrations may be required in certain countries. As example, in united kingdom there are two types of mobility scooters, Class 2 (not permitted on road, maximum speed 4 mph) and Class 2 (permitted on road, maximum speed 4-8 mph), and registration is required for class 3 categories.

Insurance for mobility scooter is not essential, but it is better to have insurance. The insurance policy covers accidental damage, theft, third party liability, personal accidents, mobility scooter breakdown and few other.

Conclusive remarks

This article provides a detail idea to those people who are unfamiliar, but wish to travel with mobility scooter. Every day, we see many people with walking or standing problems who are unable to move wherever they want, and thus get depressed. In reality, standing or walking disabilities are not a restriction nowadays, if people own this great device. Aged and handicapped people can travel anywhere in mobility scooters which offers great freedom to them.

If you or you beloved one are among them, and if you have some queries or suggestions then please leave a comment in the comment box below.

Thank you for your visit here.

Best regards.

Dr. SD

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January 22, 2019

The idea of mobility scooter is great! My colleague’s son is disable to walk longer distance but he is loves to travel here and there, which has became a problem to his parents. Mobility scooter can help them.

    January 23, 2019

    It is a great experience for me that, you gathered some idea to help your colleague from my article. I am feeling blessed. Actually, I have seen the excitations of my grandmother after getting this. I just shared my experieces here.
    Thank you very much for your visit here, drop such a valuable comment.

    Best wishes.
    Dr. SD

Carmen & Ben
February 9, 2019

Great article here. I love to travel, and sometimes I like to bring my mother for example who’s challenged when it comes to mobility and I’ve had to think twice sometimes about bringing her or not, because especially if the kids are coming too, you know they want to go, go, go. Thanks to your article I have something to think about so she can join us in more adventures.

Thanks for writing this.

    Dr. SD
    February 10, 2019

    Thank you for your visit here in MTA, and share your insight.

    It often becomes difficult to travel with a challenged person, if you don’t have proper equipment with you. As you describe your situation, you should buy a mobility scooter for your mother. After that, you can enjoy in full family as well as can see the smile in her face.

    Best wishes.

February 9, 2019

You just gave me a wonderful idea through your article on mobility scooter. My Grand MA is aging and she is going to be needing one soon, so I think I will bring up this mobility scooter Idea to the family. I know my grand ma is absolutely going to love it

    Dr. SD
    February 10, 2019

    Yes absolutely, you should buy a mobility scooter for her. This is great equipment for seniors, who are suffering from standing and walking problem. You’ll see how happy she will be after getting it.

October 21, 2019

I’m glad that you mentioned that some scooters would have batteries that would be safe for airplanes. I feel like that would be nice to be able to get around through the airport. I’ll have to look into that for my mother if she ever needs a mobility scooter.

    October 22, 2019

    Of course, if your mother feels uncomfortable to walk for a long time you should get a mobility scooter for her. This will bring her lost freedom back, she can move here and there without any prior help and without any pain. If you choose to get a mobility scooter that is allowed in an airplane, your mother can travel with you worldwide and ultimately you can see the happiness to the face of the most valuable person of your life (your mother).

    Best wishes.

November 27, 2019

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December 17, 2019

I had no idea that mobility scooters were allowed on airplanes, this will be such a blessing when I am traveling with my grandma next spring. I was so worried that I would have to figure out how to rent one once we got to our destination. It is nice to know that hers will be there waiting for us when we get off the plane.

Electric Wheelchairs USA
March 19, 2020

Great article! Recommending the owner of a mobility scooter to take pictures before of their unit before boarding the plane is solid advice. We always recommend the same as well. It saves so much headache!

    March 22, 2020

    Great advice.

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